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The empowered woman by Jenny Powers


Meet Jenny

 This is to every woman and to every girl who has ever wanted to follow her heart.  My name is Jenny Powers and I am the founder of The Empowered Woman and the author of Empowered: The Woman’s Guide to Following Your Heart.  Empowered is an inspirational guidebook that is full of guiding truths that will help to show you the way, through the sunshine and through the rain, and through every chapter of your life.   

I never imagined that I would write a book, but following my heart unexpectedly led me to write this one. 

I am the author of this book, but I am also a reader of it.  I refer to my book daily to find the inspiration and guidance that I need - to keep going, to keep trusting, to keep following my heart.  I believe in every single word in its pages and I rely on its wisdom to guide me, in every moment.  Every day, this book reminds me to follow my heart and guides me to live the best life that I can live.  

I hope that it will guide you too.  Always.

For many years, I lived a very safe life.  I followed all of the rules that I was supposed to follow.  I did the things that society expected me to do and I judged the success of my life based on the standards that society set.  I did well in school, excelled at sports, got into an elite college, had incredible friends and an amazingly loving family.  I got a prestigious job, made enough money, lived in a beautiful apartment and had everything that I thought would make me happy.  Except that I wasn’t happy.

I was living the life that was expected of me and I was deeply unhappy.  Because my life didn’t feel authentic to me.  It didn’t feel truly unique to me.  Despite all of my perceived success, my life did not feel successful to me.  Because I wasn’t following my heart.  So I took an enormous leap of faith and left behind everything in my life.  I quit my job, moved out of my apartment, sold everything and bought a plane ticket to Australia.

For the first time in my entire life, I followed my heart.  

And that decision changed everything.

From that moment on,  I have made every single decision in my life by following my heart.  I have pushed aside all expectations about the life that I should be living and about the person that I should be, and I have focused only on living the life that I want to live and on being the person that I want to be.  This life has taken me around the world, through many different countries, through many different cities, through many different jobs, through many different relationships, through many different experiences.  And there have been incredible highs and there have been devastating lows.  There have been moments of magical bliss and moments of utter and complete heartbreak.  And in every moment, it has been a journey.  But I wouldn’t change a single thing about this journey.  Because following my heart has given me a life that is far beyond my wildest dreams.  I have truly lived.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it.

I am here to tell you my story and to share the truth of my journey.  I am here to show you what is possible when you choose to follow your heart.  I am here to show you that the life of your dreams is real.  I am here to show you that you are capable of doing anything that you want to do in this life and that you are capable of being anyone that you want to be in this world.  And as we embark on this journey together, I promise you one thing.  I will always tell the truth.  I will always show up in my honesty and in my vulnerability.  

I will always be authentic and I will always be real.  I will always be a woman of my word, and if I talk the talk, I will always walk the walk.  Because integrity is everything to me.  And I have lived long enough to know that following your heart will take you through this world in a way where there is no more hiding, no more faking, no more lying and no more pretending.  You will finally show up in your life and in this world as the person that you want to be and as the person that you really are.  If you are ready to take the journey, the ride will be extraordinary.  If you are ready to live the life of your dreams, the experience will be magical.  

If you are ready to follow your heart, your journey starts now…

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